Company Dancer | Marketing Manager & Designer

Erin White
Photo by Alan Kayanan

Erin C. White is a creator, artist, and lover of the eclectic and strange. This is her third season with Contradiction Dance Theatre.

Erin loves collaborating across genres and actively creates stage and screen work for and alongside other multi-disciplinary artists. Her choreography was selected for the Richmond Choreographer’s Showcase in 2014.

Local stage credits include The Kennedy Center; Folger Theatre; American University Greenberg Theatre; Atlas; Anacostia Arts Center; Capitol Hill Arts Workshop; Metro Micro Gallery; and numerous festivals and DIY venues.

Erin has performed works by Antonio Hidalgo Paz of the Fundación Antonio Gades in Madrid; Rose Pasquarello Beauchamp/inFluxDance; Shane O'Hara; Annielille Gavino/Malayaworks; and Taffety Punk Theatre Company. Previous company work includes Latin Ballet of Virginia; ETNIA; Bellysouk; and Sahara Dance Raquettes.

She also has the pleasure of doing the design and marketing for CDT, including this very website.

Erin is a graduate of the University of Virginia Dance Program, where she also obtained a BS in Commerce.



  • Demystifying and bringing dance to unexpected platforms with my digital movement projects @MovedToMove and @ExquisiteMovement
  • Helping brands, businesses, and humans succeed through Elevation Arts, my full-service creative agency