Contradiction Dance is a place where dance, theatre, and pop culture meet.

We are creators. 

We generate movement, dialogue and joy.

Like many artists, we thrive in community.

We often choose to work collaboratively as directors, cast-members, choreographers, teachers, and friends.

Together we:

  • Build community and create safe, supportive spaces our community to explore contemporary social issues
  • Put dance theater in unexpected places like crosswalks, offices, living rooms, and… you get the idea.
  • Engage the community through conversations, pop-up events, delight and curiosity, workshops, performances, residencies, and partnerships
  • Create and present works that blend several dance forms with multimedia elements, storytelling, and theater
  • Provide a broad scope of dance and theater education classes for people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities

You are a vital part of our community. 

Your support keeps us dreaming big and bold.

Your critical feedback, enthusiastic participation, and steady encouragement allow us to grow year after year.