Feeling drained and unclear? Unmotivated and stagnant?
Tap into your own creativity, clarity, and happiness in a warm, respectful environment. Zero dance experience is expected - Moving Dialogues Workshops are for everyone!

Explore a question that is essential to you and share responses and experiences through individual writing, dance and discussion in a mutually supportive and respective atmosphere.

“Moving Dialogues is so powerful, it changed my life, really helped me to clarify my mission in this world.”

- Artis Mooney; Educator, Healer, and Artist

Participants Experience (90 minute sample):
  • Gentle, guided warm-up (10-15 mins)
  • Written exercise to answer the essential question (5 mins)
  • Create stationary shapes based on words they select from their own writing (5 mins)
    Participants create their shapes individually, but simultaneously (everyone is moving at the same time - so there’s no pressure to “perform”)
  • Share the shapes in small groups, with or without words spoken aloud (15 mins)
  • Generate a movement phrase based on the shapes (10 mins)
  • Share the phrase in small groups, with or without words spoken aloud (15 mins)
  • Share again making new choices, building awareness of other people in the space (10 mins)
  • Reflection (10 mins)

Moving Dialogues workshops started at American University's Emerging Arts Leaders Syposium in 2015. Artistic Director Kelly King led a group of participating arts leaders to answer the question: "What makes me happy?"

Since then, Kelly has led Moving Dialogues workshops for businesses and community groups, including: Visit Baltimore, The Smith Center for Healing and the Arts, ReCreative Spaces, The Girl Scouts of America's Keys to Success Conference, Round House Theatre, Anacostia Arts Center, and more. 

Anyone seeking authentic feedback on any topic, to create community between groups, to build teamwork, support and empathy for any group within an organization.

Or, to create a community quickly amongst strangers, new-hires, or retreat attendees.

Participants share verbally as little or as much as they are comfortable - the workshop is often an extremely private, personal experience from a written perspective; but an extremely positive shared, group experience physically.


  • Discover greater clarity and ownership of ideas and experiences
  • Generate new ideas
  • Set goals for individuals
  • Reflection in “real time” demonstrates and punctuates the company’s commitment to feedback from the essential question

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