Samir Bitar

After serving in the US Army Samir became a modern dancer as an undergraduate student and mentee of Theresa Dickinson's, founding member of Twyla Tharp Dance. Since college he has studied technique and composition at the Merce Cunningham Studio, Bates College, the Royaumont Centre de Recherche et de Composition Choreographique, and with Nancy Stark Smith. Samir has presented 19 original dance works across San Francisco, New York City, Toronto, Val-d'Oise, France, and Tarragona, Spain. After receiving his graduate degree from Carnegie Mellon Samir began directing visitor engagement for the Smithsonian.  Samir dances with Erica Rebollar in Washington D.C., Jonah Bokaer in New York, and now Kelly King. He is humbled and grateful to be dancing still! Samir is currently designing and choreographing his first new evening's length work in seven years. Watch for it this spring.