Neil Negri



Neil began his foray into dancing at the age of 7 with influences from Michael Jackson, James Brown, Breakin, Beat Street, and 80's hip hop.

He remembers the time when his dad bought him a foldable break dance board from Toys R Us. "That was one of the best gifts I have ever received.  Someone should manufacture one for the modern bboy! The next best gift was a clear blue vintage Ludwig drum set that I played the heck out of and tried to emulate my drumming hero, Buddy Rich."  

After having completed intensive studies at The Drummers Collective in NYC, he realized that his true voice is in playing grooves that people can dance to. The gritty-raw streets and underground subways of NYC were his stage for beats and the break dancers attracted large crowds. He is also a classically trained chef, loves Korean cuisine, and works as a private chef in the tri-state area.