#DanceAboutDC: In the house

In the house

#DanceAboutDC: In the House

A House Show for Dance Lovers

An evening of dining and dance featuring site-specific performances made for rooms In the House (Artistic Director Kelly King’s House). Choreographers explore the question, “How am I present in this room?” or “How am I distracted in this space?” Dinner includes a selection of refreshing cocktails to soothe the palate and inspire creativity. 

Tickets are on a sliding scale. Please join us! Early RSVP's help us plan for food and drink, thank you.



Contradiction Dance HQ/Kelly King’s House

1234 Quincy Street NE

Washington, DC 20017

www.contradictiondance.com | info@contradictiondance.com | 240.475.7570

Proceeds to support our ongoing Ten Years - Ten Thousand Dollars fundraising campaign. 


#DanceAboutDC is an ongoing series of site-specific performances featuring the choreography of Contradiction Dance’s company members. TICKETS

February 19, 2017 - 5:00pm


Contradiction Dance HQ/Kelly King's House
1234 Quincy Street NE
Washington, DC