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"At a time when words like 'feminazi' and 'male privilege' get so casually tossed around, BOUNDARIES shows that the lines are never quite that clear, and neither saints nor sinners (nor men and women) are as ideal as the caricatures we make them to be."


- BOUNDARIES audiences Dec. 18-20, 2014 at Anacostia Arts Center

Friday Feb. 6 @ 8pm
Saturday, Feb. 7 @ 2pm
Saturday,  Feb. 7 @ 8pm

Joe's Movement Emporium
3309 Bunker Hill Rd, Mt. Ranier, MD

BOUNDARIES is a dance-based theatre response featuring words and ideas from the #YesAllWomen Twitter feed and the violent backlash that ensued.  Through movement, text, song, and multi-media, BOUNDARIES explores feminine sensuality, strength and vulnerability - all parts of a beautiful whole - as seen through the lens of men, women and the media. In BOUNDARIES, Contradiction Dance seeks to express authentic interactions between strangers, friends and lovers through mining their personal stories. 

BOUNDARIES aims to move forward the difficult conversations sparked by the #YesAllWomen Twitter phenomenon, exploring themes relevant to today's woman and tomorrow's future. Join us!


Premiere of BOUNDARIES at Anacostia Arts Center, Dec. 2014 (photos: Michael J. Avilez)


BOUNDARIES needs your support

Contradiction Dance is dedicated to making BOUNDARIES an artistically exceptional, thought provoking production. In order to acheive this; we need support. YOUR support.

Your donation will not only ensure that our talented and hard-working company of artists, designers, and technical crew are paid for their time and effort, but will also stand as a testament to your belief in the mission and work of Contradiction Dance. Thank you!

Thank you for your commitment. We look forward to seeing you at the performances and to continuing the conversation.


Joe's Movement Emporium
3309 Bunker Hill Road
Mt. Rainier, MD