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Lanes_Look A.Kayanan

Friends of Camp Little Notch is pleased to host Contradiction Dance during Women's Weekend.

Lanes_Look A.Kayanan


Join Contradiction Dance to drink, dance, and participate in a guided conversation to glean ideas and make progress toward next steps with BOUNDARIES. 

Contradiction Dance brings their fan-favorite, full-up of #awesomesauce site-specific series #DanceAboutDC to the Anacostia Arts Center. Guided by Contradiction Dance performers, audience members will take a tour through the building that culminates in an on-stage experience for all. 
#DanceAboutDC: Anacostia Arts Center is a feast for the soul featuring Kelly King, Melissa-Leigh Bustamante, Carlos Bustamante, Emily Arden, Alison Waldman and Erica Chamblee. Also, don’t miss the after-party featuring DJ KaLo.

Contradiction Dance is psyched to be the "opening band" for Taffety Punk Theatre Company's "Enter Ophelia Distracted".

June 20th at 8pm