Kelly King

Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Whoa! Things are getting busy again... at least the planning part of it. The text below is from a grant we submitted as part of a much bigger environmental dance project. It summarizes our last season nicely and gives a peek at what's ahead for summer/fall/spring 2014-2015. 
Directly ahead is Taffety Punk's Enter Ophelia Distracted. We are proud to be their "opening band" on opening night: 6/20 at 8pm. Tickets here:

Back to basics!

Hi Everyone,


Whether you are new or old to the Contradiction Dance Family, Welcome! It's been a while since I've updated our information on the site - for good reason: we welcomed our third child 8 weeks ago. As we adjust to life with three, I am bursting with creativity and light.

The company will be performing a site-specific series around the city as part of our #DanceAboutDC series. Please look for updates in the coming week.